My IVF Diary 3: 25-27 weeks pregnant

29 Jun

25 weeks:

Started the week feeling very tired and with a sore throat. However, my appetite is through the roof and I have a major MacDonalds craving!

Baby is now squirming constantly, my stomach is like a washing machine. Experienced a foot in my ribs for the first time.

On a practical level, my doctor has now formally signed me off work for 3 months due to the risk of premature delivery and I finally plucked up the courage to submit my official notification of maternity leave to work. Yikes! It feels real now and I am woefully prepared. I have spent so long not daring to believe that this may happen, that I haven’t even considered any aspect of my maternity leave…. When will it start? How long will I take?

16/4/14 – Have hit the brick wall. Can barely keep eyes open, out of breath, feeling dizzy, eating has become my career. Nose constantly stuffy, can no longer bend over to put my own underwear on! I thought this stuff was supposed to happen in the late third trimester, how can it be happening already?

Little man is waking me up every night kicking. Trouble maker already.

19/4/14 – experiencing hip pain, tummy pain, sickness and hunger again. Not more third trimester stuff already?

Little man’s movements seem to have decreased today. Feeling worried.

20/4/14 Easter Sunday. I’m observing the little man for movement as I slept all night without being awoken by kicks and I’m still concerned.

I try the recommended trick of lying on my left side and drinking lots of water. I feel a bit of movement but it’s not very powerful compared to his usual thrashing.

My tummy is also feeling tight and sore. When my parents come round with Easter presents, I’m feeling awful. I make a dash for the loo… Diarrhea. Joy. However, the sudden movement Instigates lots of jiggling from baby! Hoorah! But lots of stomach cramps for me. Boo.

The boys went out after lunch to play, leaving me to rest alone for a few hours. Initially I felt better, but shortly before they returned, I started experiencing hot sweats and stomach pain. Another trip to the loo.

All the bowel cramping eventually resulted in intense pain above and below bump. Could stand it no longer. Burst into tears, writhing around on the sofa trying to reduce the pain.

Hubby looking panicked. I took myself upstairs to bed, surrounded by cushions and pillows, downed some paracetamol, and tried to zone out from the pain.

All the while, baby is wriggling violently. I guess that’s one less thing to worry about then.

26 weeks

We’ve put a deposit down on the pram! Exciting! It was a bit of a mission to accomplish, but I was determined to choose the right travel system for me. So, my ever suffering husband rented me a wheelchair for a few days, we successfully begged his parents to take my son for a couple of hours and finally hot wheeled it up to Mothercare.

OH pushed me around the store in my designer wheels, (bit of a come down from my usual motor of choice but needs must) while I pointed out each pram in turn that I wanted him to demonstrate.

We eventually both agreed on a Silvercross Wayfarer and chose a car seat that would be compatable. Deposit down, I chose a delivery date (27th June – eek!) and we were off to collect the tyrant.

Symptoms wise – my boobs are leaking! Time for a bigger bra size!
Tried on one of my old maternity bras. 38d. What the Actual F***! How big did those bad boys get? This time I’m only racking up (pardon the pun) a measley 36b so far… But I guess there is still time!

My bump is getting really heavy, and baby is kicking so hard is making me wince. All this doesn’t help the discomfort I still have from my hematoma and the regular braxton hicks contractions that occur pretty much every time I move. By end of the week the little rascal has burrowed really low into my pelvis and walking of any duration hurts. Every movement he makes results in the need to pee. Pressure everywhere…. Front and back. Not comfortable at all. I hope he moves again soon.

Not enjoying things right now. My anxiety is reducing as the weeks go by, but the discomfort is building to unbearable levels leaving me sleepless, immobile and grumpy. The thought of another 13 weeks is frightening.

I’m still eating enormous amounts, but not noticeably gaining weight. Bump doesn’t look any bigger this week, just feels heavier. There is definately a human being in there now, no more little tadpoles.

I’m also still craving fajitas, potatoes and cheese, but will pretty much eat anything right now. I just want food, food and more food.

27 weeks:
28/4/14 – it’s hubby’s birthday. I figured that since he’s been conducting all of the chores since I fell pregnant, the best gift I could give him would be a rest from as many as I could manage.

I woke up at 5am as is becoming typical at the moment and decided to surprise him by making Oscar’s lunch for school. I hobbled into the kitchen, grabbed the food, pulled up a chair and made a sandwich, washed some grapes, grabbed a yoghurt and a spoon. Quite enough activity. Uncomfortable stomach and back already. At 6.45am, I manage to “sneak” upstairs (as much as an elephant can sneak) into Oscar’s bedroom, woke him up to write daddy’s card, and then prompted him to run into the bedroom shouting “Happy Birthday”.

It went down well, and my OH was surprised and impressed by my lunch making efforts, but insisted I had done enough exercise for one morning and ordered me to rest again.

That evening, it was time for surprise number two. As my dad pulled up with my son, having collected him from childminder’s, I waddled up to the front door and flagged him down. I asked him to take me to the shop to buy a cake for the hubby. He agreed, and I “jumped” (as if) into his car to commence the mission.

When we got to the shop, my dad kept the over excited boy in check whilst I waddled, huffing and puffing, around the shop as best as I could manage. The cake was located, accompanied by a number of other items for my lunch and Oscar’s lunch (hell I may as well save him a shopping trip tonight), and a final “piece de la resistance”, a double size bottle of cold beer; my husband’s first since we had begun the successful round of fertility treatment over six months ago.

I dragged myself to the till, hung on for dear life as I paid, and then collapsed back into the car.

Once home, we didn’t have to wait long for my OH to return home from work.

As he walked through the door, my son threw himself at his daddy, shouting “Happy Birthday”, and dragged him to the kitchen fridge. He located the giant beer bottle and presented it proudly to my husband, who squealed in delight. Then he found the cake, and also passed it to my hubby excitedly stating “it’s a chocolate cake for you daddy and I can have some too can’t I?”.

Then I pointed out the rest of the food in the fridge I had acquired, explaining that he wouldn’t need to go food shopping this evening and could instead enjoy his beer.

He looked again stunned, but impressed and asked “who got this?”. “I did”, I replied. He looked confused. “Dad took me to the shop so I could save you the bother”. He beamed, and I could see that I had earnt some serious brownie points, but I was spent and in pain, so I clambered back onto the sofa, and put my feet up with no intention of moving again that evening.

29/4/14 – A normal day today full of the usual excitement… Being kicked in the bladder, multiple toilet trips and unreasonable levels of eating.

However, by late evening I am beginning to get pain behind my right ear. I’m immediately concerned… I do not like ear pain. It puts me on edge. At 30 weeks pregnant with my first son I developed Bells Palsy. The onset of facial paralysis was preceded by a week of “earache”, which at the time I dismissed as a virus until I woke with the left side of my face seemingly having had a stroke. It paralysed the left side of my mouth, cheek, eye and forehead. I couldn’t drink, speak, blink or talk, and almost 5 years later I still carry some of the residual injury to my face, so the thought of it recurring is perhaps one of the most frightening unknowns of this pregnancy.

I prodded and poked the area to try and pin point the source of the pain…. I decided that perhaps it was not coming from the area of my cranial nerve and was nearer my jaw. So, trying to calm my nerves, I decided that sleep was the best course of action to relax the area.

Awoke at 4.30am. Ear pain still just as bad, but no sign of any early paralysis yet. Anxiety still rising, I opened the box containing the long term antibiotics I have been taking to prevent a UTI to check for side effects. As usual, the list of possible problems was long… Ranging from mild to fatal. Nice. I spotted a couple of potential side effects that could perhaps be tenuously linked to the pain I was experiencing, but nothing obvious.

I decided that the only appropriate action was an appointment with the doctors to discuss and pain killers to relax me in the meantime.

The next morning I contact the doctor and manage to arrange an emergency appointment for later that morning. I text my dad to request a lift and fortunately he is happy to oblige.

When I arrive at the surgery, I am thankfully called in fairly quickly. I enter the doctor’s room and explain my nervousness that my Bell’s Palsy could be returning. She rather matter of factly replies “well if it is, you know we can’t do anything about it”. Harsh. “Yes, I know this, but would like to know if it is coming back.

She examines me briefly, and feels behind my ear and around the jawline.

“I think it is most likely you have TMJ. Take painkillers to stop you tensing your muscles and it should calm down within two weeks”.

And with that, I am dismissed.

Simple as that.

I hope she is right.

Other symptoms delighting me this week are
1) a swollen ankle. It seems rather early to have developed water retention, and odd to have it on just one side, but I assume that is what it is. I can’t wear shoes and it hurts to walk

2) buckling knees. How can this be already? I can’t get up the stairs easily and I can’t bend down anymore because if I do, my knees won’t lift me back up.

Feel quite disgusted that my body seems to be collapsing so early on. Definately showing my age and lack of fitness.

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2 Responses to “My IVF Diary 3: 25-27 weeks pregnant”

  1. Victoria Welton (@VicWelton) June 30, 2014 at 8:26 pm #

    Bless you, you really are going through the mill. This may sound too honest – and I am really sorry, but I know I can be with you – what I wouldn’t give to be going through all of this right now (I probably wouldn’t say that if I was but you know what I mean!!). Looking forward to reading your next installment and sorry for my absence. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

  2. ferreroroche123 June 30, 2014 at 8:30 pm #

    I know Hun, there isn’t a day goes by when I am not grateful.

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