My IVF Diary 3: 20-22 weeks pregnant

12 Jun

20 weeks: currently taking new antibiotics prescribed by the consultant at the hospital. I don’t seem to be having too many side effects apart from some quite alarming radioactive wee!

Colours range from orange to neon green to fluorescent yellow. Fortunately, the obstetrician I saw in triage at the weekend forewarned me, so I’m not concerned, but it is pretty weird.

The antibiotics seem to be resolving my latest issues, with only a little discomfort remaining.

On Thursday, accompanied by my mum, I visit a private consultant to discuss my ongoing issues. As you will already be aware if you have followed my pregnancy, I’ve had a pretty rocky 8 weeks or so with hemorrhages, blood pools/clots in the womb, recurrent infections, and ongoing pain. Since my regular hospital has been less than helpful, and every complication has been met with disinterest and silence, I decided that a second opinion might provide a clearer view.

The journey up to London was uncomfortable, despite the luxury mini cab, and whilst sitting in the plush waiting area was impressive, I was preoccupied by the constant pain and pressure I was feeling in my abdomen and pelvis. When finally called in to meet the consultant, I had to carry my stomach into the room for fear of the baby falling out, such was the pressure.

We spent some time reviewing my notes, and discussing my issues, and the consultant confirmed that my sch did present risks over and above a normal pregnancy. Whilst the fact that I had made it beyond 13 weeks did in itself represent a big step forward, I remain at higher risk of preterm labour (leading to late miscarriage or extreme prematurity from 24 weeks onwards) and placental abruption.

He agreed that sch’s were unpredictable beggars so forecasting an outcome was futile, but he also reassured me that the statistics were on my side.

Although I knew all of this from my own research, it was comforting to have a medical professional confirm this all to be the case, rather than dismiss my requests for factual information.

He also discussed my ongoing UTIs and the fact that I experienced preterm labour with my first son as a result of a UTI. He agreed that in light of my previous history and the presence of a current sch, it would really be sensible to prescribe me a long term profalactic antibiotic to prevent any further UTIs during the next 12 weeks. Finally! Someone with sense!

He agreed that since the current antibiotics were suiting me well and are good for longer term prevention, he would write a prescription for my gp to process to continue the same drug at a lower dose until 32 weeks.

I left the appointment nervous about what the coming weeks would hold, but relieved to finally have heard the truth and to have been listened to for the first time since my troubles began.

Any relief I felt was quickly eradicated by the weekend when I woke up in some considerable pain. I spent most of the day trying desperately to find a comfortable position, on the sofa, in the bed, hell, even on the floor, but no matter how I sat, reclined or lay, I couldn’t shake the searing back pain and pulling/stretching pain under my bump.

Despite my ever patient husband endlessly propping cushions in front, behind and under me, I shed more than a few tears.

Despairing of the thought that I could feel this way for approximately 20 more weeks, i ordered him to buy me plenty of wedge pillows from Mothercare the following day, to try and provide some support.

21 weeks:

With wedge pillows now in place and my discomfort under control, week 21 was largely characterised by eating too much. In fact, I’m not sure I did much other than eat, eat eat. Baby must be hungry! Or I am cracking up under the strain of being housebound for so long. The side effect? Pain and backache from killer trapped wind.

Also making a comeback this week after a temporary respite were frequent braxton hicks. Shame, I rather enjoyed not worrying about them for a short while.

Baby still very active and booting me continuously throughout each day.

Other than this, the week was relatively uneventful. Just aiming to make it to week 24…. Viability.

22 weeks: The nesting instinct is kicking in and hubby has two days off work so it’s time for a spring clean! Only this spring clean involves a skip! Sadly I am still on bedrest most of the time, so I am forced to adopt a mostly delegatory role.

The first task is to fetch the crates of baby clothes I had for my first son out of the loft so I can sort through it all and see what is worth keeping.

Hubby brings it all in and places it in front of me on the bed. I’d forgotten just how cute much of it was! I’m feeling really soppy. Sadly, a lot of it has gained baby stains or become discoloured after 4 years in the attic. However, some bits are salvageable and I spend the morning cooing.

I was also excited to find some of my old maternity clothes in one of the crates. I am particularly overjoyed to find my old maternity bras – I try them on excitedly and they are way too big! Gutted. Boobs have officially not grown as much this pregnancy. Not fair!

The rest of the day, hubby spends in the garage, emptying all of the clutter into the skip to make way for new baby essentials. A thoroughly productive day.

Sadly by the following day I am experiencing tummy troubles again and am laid up with pain, nausea, gas, and cramps. I’m beginning to wonder whether pregnancy can give you irritable bowel syndrome.

Despite my tummy troubles, I am developing a number of cravings. The most prevalent are cherry tomatoes, ice pops, orange juice, potatoes, fish, oh hell everything! Except for chocolate. Surprisingly off it. Thank god. It’s the only reason I’ve avoided becoming a 10 ton lard arse after so long confined to the house.


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