My IVF Diary 3 – 16 weeks pregnant

2 May

Week 16

10/2/14 – up and down day today. The down….. My appetite has still left the building. Eating anything is a chore, and all I really want is slush puppies.

Unfortunately, despite picking at food all day, the hunger became unbearable by evening and I succumbed to a major headache and nausea.

In a desperate bid to quash the sickness, I forced a Chinese takeaway down as quickly as possible and looked forward to sleeping off the headache.

Then came the good. As I reclined on the sofa finally full, I started to feel popping and bubbling in my stomach. But this wasn’t gas, this was much lower in my abdomen, just above my pelvis, and felt different. I lay still and concentrated for a while, and sure enough, for a good hour, it was as if my insides were alive. Pops, bubbles, churns, and occasionally, very occasionally, a thump. None of it visible to the eye, but very noticeable from the inside.

I fell asleep unwilling to be sure it was my boy, but quietly smiling with the prospect that it might be.

11/2/14 – Awoke at 7am to the same movement inside my belly. It must be the boy surely? I know pregnancy gives me gas, but not this early in the day. The motion only lasted approximately 5 minutes and then all was quiet. I spent the rest of the day concentrating on every tiny sensation from within my body, but nothing. The baby was not playing ball.

By the next morning I was anxious to feel the little one make even the tiniest movement, but he remained silent.

My anxiety was made worse by the fact that I was experiencing what felt like tightening of my uterus every 10-15 seconds. Surely this is too early for Braxton hicks?

The contractions seemed to calm after a few visits to the toilet, so I put it down to bowel spasms.

However, by lunchtime I was experiencing the same nagging backache as last week and an increasing urge to visit the loo. I knew that my antibiotics (which were completed only yesterday), had not killed my infection and that I needed to get some more quickly.

I put in a call to my GP to ask for advice on whether to revisit the surgery or to simply collect another prescription and was promised a call back from the doctor at 4pm.

Sure enough, the GP called me at 4pm exactly, and proceeded to ask me what the issue was. I explained my symptoms, but at this point she stated that my sample from last week was sent to the laboratory and no bacteria was cultured. Therefore, I can’t have a UTI, and I should call the Maternity Triage to ask them to look into what was causing the uterine contractions and back ache. Somewhat desperate, I explained that Maternity Triage would not deal with me until I am 18 weeks, and stressed that all of my symptoms had been resolved by the initial antibiotics until I came off them.

She told me to phone the Maternity team and stressed that they could not turn me away, however, she also booked an appointment in surgery later that evening in case Maternity would not see me.

As required, I contacted the Maternity Triage number knowing what their response would be. A midwife answered and I blurted out my symptoms and history and explained that my doctor had directed me to call them. She was sympathetic, and began to take my particulars. However, as soon as we arrived at my due date and the fact I was 16 weeks only, she abruptly stopped mid sentence and stated that I would have to visit A&E. I became angry and told the midwife that I refused to attend A&E as my experience just a week previously with another UTI was extremely unsatisfactory. I explained that the system that they operated was intensely frustrating, and gave the impression that until I am 18 weeks pregnant, nobody cared at all for me or my baby.

She said that this was not the impression they meant to give, but that they did not have the appropriate facilities to deal with me before 18 weeks.

Begrudgingly, I returned to my GP that evening in huge discomfort, and explained the hospital’s position.

Taking pity on me, she agreed to test my urine again and feel my stomach. She agreed that although my urine analysis was not too bad (what does that mean?), I did seem symptomatic for an infection, and therefore agreed to prescribe me another week course of the same antibiotics.

13/2/14 – awoke feeling much better. Not quite normal but significantly improved with just a little pain.

By evening was not feeling the antibiotics were really banishing the infection. Every time I would take a tablet I would achieve a few hours relief, but the discomfort would return a few hours before my next dose.

Decided to wait it out until morning and thankfully the pain and tightening seemed much improved so I phoned the doctors surgery to request a call back when my GP was next on duty, and continued to take the prescribed antibiotics, hopeful that for now they were doing enough. At the same time I enquired about my outstanding progesterone prescription, which should have been ready two days ago. The receptionist coldly and blanked stated that the doctor had rejected it because he didn’t think the next box was due yet.


I only have two days left!

I explained that the doctor had not understood my dosage correctly, and that I am due a new prescription immediately.

“Well, I can put it back in but it’s up to the doctor and if he doesn’t sign it there is nothing I can do, you’ll have to book an appointment to see him”.

What? Oh for Christ sake…. It’s on my repeat prescription! Its not my fault if the system doesn’t state the exact dosage!

I began to get hysterical (I’m sure this is becoming a trend), and started stressing the importance of having the progesterone for Monday, but the woman was unmoved and stated matter of factly that she will ask the doctor to reconsider but she cannot guarantee it will be ready on Monday.

I phone my husband, who attempts to speak to them again, but they refuse to discuss my prescription with him and cut off the call.

In a last ditch attempt, I send my mother into the cupboard to search for any old leftovers from my previous IVF treatments. Within a few minutes she returns with 4 loose suppositories and 1 whole box from my last unsuccessful treatment.

I whoop with joy and take a huge breath out as I relax, safe in the knowledge that I have enough to last while I argue this prescription with the doctor.

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4 Responses to “My IVF Diary 3 – 16 weeks pregnant”

  1. KayC May 2, 2014 at 8:15 am #

    ditto my previous comments I think! what the hell is wrong with these people? common sense and more importantly a warm and sympathetic understanding manner was clearly not handed out along with their qualification, beats me how they keep their jobs! grrr – anyway, my first kicks felt like bubbles too 🙂 such a lovely feeling, even tho the bubbles are now teens I still think about it, my hand was glued to my bump at all times just in case, they used to kick more when I rocked – you always remember it, I still find myself swaying from side to side when holding the cat! 😀 xxx

  2. ferreroroche123 May 2, 2014 at 8:28 am #

    Yes, Oscar still rocks when he hugs me. The bubble stage went rather quickly this time… This new dude is violent!

  3. @katgrant30 May 3, 2014 at 12:25 pm #

    I loved those first bubbly sensations… Absolute magic! Am sure they will just get stronger and stronger… 🙂
    @katgrant30 (Bumps and Grind)

  4. Jaime Oliver May 3, 2014 at 9:36 pm #

    Do we not know our own bodies?? this seems to be a recurring theme these days .. we seek help only to be told the book says, the limit is …. give me strength!

    I hope you manage to sort your frustratingly ignorant Dr out and get the support you need x

    thanks for linking up with #PoCoLo

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