My IVF diary 3 – here we go again

28 Jan

22/10/13 – 262.5iu Gonal f day 1, and here we go again. Third time lucky right?

The last two months since my last failed cycle have thankfully been relatively straightforward.

My cycle immediately after I stopped the drugs was rather unusual, but other than that, all has settled back rather quietly.

My follow up scan showed all inside was back to normal size, and my blood test indicated a good AMH level, so hoping this time for a better response than the last disaster.

Due to the terrible fertilisation rate we experienced in the previous round, hubby also had his swimmers retested, and after a month on orange juice to boost his vitamin C intake it would appear that his sample is normal.

So today, I began with my first injection. Not sure how to feel. Excited, nervous, terrified, and sick. Oh yes, that familiar feeling of drug induced nausea. Bring it on.

24/10/13 Gonal f 262.5iu. 3rd day of injections this morning. Yesterday was a relatively quiet day. I was in the office with meetings all day so remained pretty distracted. Occasional waves of nausea and abit of a grumpy tummy, but no major changes. But by afternoon I was flagging with a headache and tiredness. By the time I got home I perked up abit, but was deep asleep by 8pm.

This morning however, my mind is working overtime. I am trying to remain distracted, but with the first scan looming in two days I am desperately hoping to feel some sort of bubbling/twinging/pangs or bloating in my ovaries to signal they have woken up.

So far I haven’t felt much at all, just a fairly constant tingling in my ovaries. It sort of feels like someone is gently tickling them or they are sort of buzzing, but perhaps this is caused more by my overactive imagination than a reaction to the Gonal f.

25/10/13 Gonal f 262.5iu. First scan tomorrow and I am now in the grip of extreme anxiety. I haven’t slept properly for two nights, my heart is racing, my mind is working at 100 miles an hour and I am utterly panicked that the results will show a bad start.

The twinging in my ovaries has been minimal, just my right ovary aching a little and my bleeding still continues lightly. Over analysing every sensation or lack of it, and am now convinced that nothing is happening.

I was so keen for a positive start this time after the awful start last time. I just want it to be different. Better.

The stakes feel higher.

I am also in the work office alone, with no one to distract me, so am struggling to stay focused. Console myself with messaging the only two people who know I have started my treatment asking for a metaphorical slap round the face to calm me.

26/10/13 Gonal f 262.5iu and Orgalutran
Bad nights sleep again last night. Now appears the norm to wake at 2-3am and then every half an hour until 6/7am. Still, means I am awake for my early Saturday morning scan in London. Leave the house at 6.30am and ask the hubby to accompany me so he can inject my drugs while we are up there to keep the timing reasonably consistent. This means the boy must come too, so we drag him out of his bed, pyjamas and all, bundle a coat and wellie boots on and pile him into the car with a cup of milk and his favourite toys.

Strangely, traffic into London at 6.30am is atypically light. Can’t imagine why no one else would want to drive in at this ungodly hour on a weekend. They don’t know what they are missing!

Arrive a little after 7am, and finally get let into the clinic at 7.15am where my consultant is waiting, dressed in her casuals to perform my scan.

She asks me how I am, and I spend the next 10 minutes babbling like a mad woman about how nervous I am that nothing is happening, blah, blah and the scan commences.

She is as always very calm and reassuring. Taking her time to ensure she sees everything. Good news, there is no fluid in the womb this time. MASSIVE sigh of relief. One down.

Less positive news, the ovaries aren’t exactly going crackers. She was unconcerned and said it was pretty typical for a day 5 scan to see only a few measurable follicles and that the main reason for conducting one this early is to ensure I am not over-responding. She noted approximately 8 visible follicles in my right ovary and just 1 in my left which was as usual sitting high up tucked away out of view in my pelvis. She said she would get a better view of the activity in there once the follicles got bigger and the ovary began to descend!

Since I was the only scan of the day, she then came out of the room and offered to babysit my son while the other half took me into the blood room to administer my injections.

God I love my consultant.

The rest of the day passed by in a whirlwind of swimming lessons, toy shopping and birthday parties.

Next scan is on Monday. Hoping for some progress.

28/10/13 Gonal f 262.5iu and Orgalutran

Scan postponed. Woke at 4.30am and the wind was howling. I was due to be in London at 8am, but the news was forecasting the worst storm in years to hit London at exactly that time. Train services were cancelled and the main road into London was gridlocked so I took the decision to delay the scan until tomorrow for fear of getting stuck in London with huge delays.

I am however feeling comforted (yet uncomfortable) about the fact that my ovaries have most definitely started to liven up. Since Saturday, the twinges and aching have increased, and today my left ovary (which was pretty silent at the scan) has been giving me grief all day. It is reassuring to know that something is happening, but is somewhat draining.

Hoping for some positive progress at tomorrow’s scan.

29/10/13 Gonal f 262.5iu and Orgalutran.

After a hideous journey into London I arrive for my scan at 08.45am. Surprised to be called in by my consultant. I ask her why she is here today and she reveals that she is now permanently practicing out of the clinic so will be there most days. Am thrilled to hear this as it is more likely that she will be directly involved in my treatment unlike previously at the hospital.

She conducts my progress scan while I drivel on nervously. The news is ok, but not exceptional. About 6 follicles have continued to grow on the right ovary, whilst just two have grown on the left. Not quite the bumper crop I was hoping for, but they are all growing consistently and at a reasonable speed.

She suggests another scan in 3 days to see if I will be ready for egg collection in 6 days time. Crossing everything that there are a good number of sizeable follicles next time.

30/10/13 Gonal f 262.5iu and Orgalutran

Hard day today. In the office for the first time this week and just could not get comfortable sat at my desk. Was shuffling up and down in my chair so much I had back ache by 10.30am and was forced to stand up whilst working. Was seriously hungry by lunchtime (my body must be working hard), but have lost my appetite these past few days so was struggling to choose anything substantial. Was hugely relieved to leave by home time, but after a tedious and traffic filled journey home it is all I can do to stay awake until dinner. I have been falling asleep very early most evenings this past week, but am also waking stupidly early. Bit of a vicious circle. Am looking forward to reaching egg collection.

1/11/13 Gonal f 262.5 and Orgalutran

Back at the clinic for a scan today, thank goodness. My mind has played tricks on me for the past 24 hours. 3 days without a scan feels like a really long time. I am praying that my follicles have grown enough and will be ready for collection on Monday, not sure how much longer I can bear this bit of the process. I am anxious to see how many we have.

Arrive at the clinic and it is busy. It’s the most crowded I have seen it since it opened. There are two couples there for egg collection and several more for scans. I am nervous, and hungry, so I pass the time with a clementine. A Sri Lankan anaesthetist comes upstairs to apply anaesthetic cream to one of the patient’s hands. He asks why I am here, and says “have you just dropped by to enjoy the coffee and watch the tv?”, I reply “I wish that was all I had to visit for”. He then begins singing to his patient. This man is nuts! Distracting I guess, but not so sure I will be amused if he is doing it to me on egg collection day.

My consultant calls me in and I climb on the table for the scan. I take a deep breath and tell her I am nervous because my left ovary has been twinging a lot the past few days and I am worried that it is progressing too quickly. She was unconcerned and stated that based on my last scan she was not expecting it to have over-reacted.

The scan was reassuring. It showed 7ish follicles in the right ovary – all a good size, and 4 in my left, two small, two larger. But the all important question is, am I ready for Monday collection?

She plotted the follicle sizes on the chart and two had crossed the all important line to trigger collection. She reviewed the growth of the other follicles in the past 3 days to predict how much they would progress over the weekend.

She pondered the next course of action and finally confirmed that we would go ahead with Monday collection.

So now I have just one more morning of stimulation and antagonist injections before my late night trigger shot on Saturday.

2/11/13 Gonal f 262.5, Orgalutran and Ovitrelle

Have been busy all day, so thankfully distracted. However, 5 minutes before my trigger shot and I am nervous as hell.

For the past 3 hours my left ovary has been twinging really badly, like someone stabbing me repeatedly with a needle, my breasts have started to feel tender and I am feeling sick. All signs that I am ovulating, but I should not be doing that BEFORE my trigger. Orgalutran suppresses ovulation in about 99% of cases, so am hoping it is just my ovary telling me my eggs are ready. But I can’t help but panic that they are releasing too early.

So here goes folks. Injection going in, fingers crossed there are some decent eggs still left in there for collection on Monday morning.

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3 Responses to “My IVF diary 3 – here we go again”

  1. Michelle Davis January 31, 2014 at 10:35 am #

    It has been such a roller coaster ride for you…hopefully here on in will be more of a gentle stroll! x x

  2. Coombe Mill January 31, 2014 at 4:05 pm #

    What a journey, fingers crossed for you this time round

  3. Victoria Welton (@VicWelton) February 1, 2014 at 9:37 pm #

    Another fascinating post from you my lovely – I think you already know how much I enjoy reading these. I am guessing this is the lead up to what is going on with you at the moment. Thinking of you and thank you again for linking to PoCoLo x

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