My IVF Diary 2 – Embryo Transfer

8 Oct

A retrospective of my recently completed IVF cycle.

13/8/13 doxycycline and progesterone suppositories

Feeling pretty numb this morning. Disappointed but just no energy to be upset. And I’m focussing on the impending call from the embryologist due around 11:30am.

In my head I’m modelling all sorts of scenarios that they may relay to me. Being hopeful, I’m imagining them telling me that all 6 eggs fertilised with ICSI. Not a completely stupid idea, last time 9 out of 9 fertilised, so it could happen, and if all 6 fertilise we are still in with a chance of making it to blastocyst transfer on day 5.

Being more cautious, I’m imagining them telling me that only 5 eggs were suitable for ICSI and out of those 3-4 fertilised. Starting to get iffy for blastocyst transfer, but would still give us a chance of putting more than one embryo back on day 3.

Sadly the reality was much worse than I had imagined. When the call from the embryologist came she revealed that just 4 eggs were mature enough to inject with my hubby’s finest swimmers, and of those 4, only 1 fertilised normally.


Just 1?

I was devastated. She said it was a disappointing result but did not have any information as to why it had happened.

She confirmed that should the embryo divide satisfactorily we would have a day 3 transfer on Thursday. I was to arrive at the clinic with a full bladder at 1pm and await further information about the quality/viability of the embryo.

So now we wait for 2 days and pray for our little fighter.

15/8/13 Doxycycline and progesterone suppositories

Transfer day. Awoke feeling pretty flat and rather nervous that our 1 embryo hadn’t made it.

Transfer is at 1 pm and hubby has taken the day off work, but I’m doing my best to work to pass the time. I’m also trying to hide my treatment from my work colleagues, so am trying not to take much time off.

The morning dragged on, but lunchtime came round and we made our way to the clinic.

As we sat in the waiting room, me downing water to fill my bladder, 2 other couples from the Monday egg collection appeared. Secretly I was pleased to see that I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t made it to blastocyst transfer and I was itching to know how many embryos they had left.

Unlike last time, we were the first to be called into the office by the embryologist. The short walk down the corridor felt like miles. When we entered, the embryologist told us that our embryo had reached a 5 cell by lunchtime. The minimum it needed to achieve on day 3. I instantly sighed with disappointment. If we were placing all our hopes on just one embie we needed a strong one, an 8 cell. But it wasn’t to be, so we’d have to be happy with our 5 cell. I guess it ain’t over til the fat lady sings and I’m not nearly fat enough yet.

We returned to the waiting room to be called into the recovery area and one by one the other couples disappeared to hear the fate of their embryos. One such couple contained the doctor who delayed my egg collection on Monday by chatting incessantly with the anaesthetist. I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of satisfaction that he hadn’t made it to day 5 transfer. Bitchy I know, but I blame it on the hormones.

Shortly after, hubby and I were called through to the recovery area to get changed. We swapped into our gowns and hair nets, I downed yet more water, and we waited again. Finally, the nurse arrived to confirm we would be entering theatre shortly and asked me how much I had drunk. I showed her I had drunk a third of my 1.5 litre bottle of water, and she scoffed, suggesting I should drink the whole bottle! I politely declared that my bladder was full and that if I were to drink the whole bottle I would likely wee on the bed in theatre.

And so we entered. My favourite consultant from my earlier scans was in theatre waiting. He smiled and gave me a warm welcome. I lay on the table while they unfastened my gown and hitched the bottom half up to my waist. Exposed.

The nurse then did a preliminary scan of my womb to check that my bladder was sufficiently full and that they had a good view of the necessary bits.

The consultant confirmed that all was ok, then asked us to verify our names, ages and how many embryos we were transferring.

He inserted the speculum, swabbed my insides (weird feeling), placed a dummy catheter in to test the position, and finally called for the embryologist to bring in the catheter containing my little embie.

I held as still as possible but nerves got the better of me and my legs started shaking.

Fortunately he released the embryo in just the right place in my womb and confirmed it was no longer in the catheter.

I was then given my photo of embie (now named Rocky) and wheeled out of theatre to lie still for another 20 mins until I could finally go for a much needed wee.

Whilst in recovery, we were given some faq’s, a pregnancy test kit and the date of the test. 28/8/13. A whole 13 days away.

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel great right now to have a baby on board.

I have very little expectation that I’ll be pregnant in two weeks time, but right now I have a live, dividing embryo on board. So I went home determined to enjoy this feeling for a few hours before realism kicks in.


One Response to “My IVF Diary 2 – Embryo Transfer”

  1. Victoria Welton (@VicWelton) October 13, 2013 at 1:10 pm #

    Another fantastic and fascinating read. I am now looking forward to you sharing your update with PoCoLo every week. I am crossing my fingers in a BIG way for your next post and trying not to ready anywhere else because I don’t want any spoilers! Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo x

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