My IVF Diary 2 – Starting over

17 Sep

29/7/13 Gonal F 300iu. Here I am again, almost 6 months to the day since I started my previous IVF cycle, and I’m ready to try again. And since this is my third IVF cycle, this should all be familiar to me, and as such, I’m determined not to let it get the better of my head this time.

I’m also resigned to the fact that this may not be the last time I need it, so I ought to learn how to live my normal life alongside the trials and tribulations of fertility treatment.

It’s now day 3 of my cycle, so as per my previous cycles, I was expecting to start injecting my gonal f yesterday and was pretty relaxed about starting the ovary stimulation again.

However, since fate seems determined to catch me out at every turn, things didn’t start off quite according to plan. My pre-treatment HSG results didn’t come back as expected, my womb was enlarged and had an “unusual filling pattern”.

My consultant assured me that it was likely the fact that I had been on the pill for 2 months to shrink the ovarian cysts that had been caused by my miscarriage. She thought that due to me starting the pill on day 21 and continuing without a break until now, the womb lining had built up and was causing the HSG results to be unusual.

So she took me off the pill and prepared me for a monster “elimination” on day 1 of my next cycle.

I was to report to the hospital on day 2 for a scan, and if the womb lining had thinned appropriately, I could start with the injections on day 3. I was to take a higher dose of Gonal F than previously because the pill had made my ovaries “sleepy” and they would need a little more encouragement to start producing the goods.

Well day 1 came and I prepared myself for the worst back ache and cramping since my miscarriage, but it didn’t happen. And the bleeding was distinctly underwhelming.

So, while hubby went to a Landrover show with my son for the day, I made my way to Costco to order food for my Oscar’s birthday party.

Once I had done the rounds at Costco I took the trolley to the till to pay. Just as I was about to leave I felt something sizeable “downstairs” (warning do not read on if you are squeamish). Assuming it to be a large blood clot, I decided to go to the loo before heading to the car to avoid making a mess.

When I got to the loo, what actually expelled was not a blood clot, but a quite terrifying mass of unknown tissue. I tried to remain calm, but was completely horrified by what I saw. It was so sizeable I thought an organ had fallen out. I was so concerned, I retrieved the object, wrapped it in tissue, and placed it in my handbag.

I left the toilet, trying to keep my emotions in check so I didn’t become hysterical. When I got to the car, I phoned the out of hours IVF doctor who told me to go to A&E to get the tissue identified.

Since my husband was away with my son, I called my mum now completely hysterical, and asked her to accompany me to hospital so I didn’t have to be alone.

When we arrived I was firstly met by the GP. He asked me to explain my story, which I did in some detail, including my previous fertility treatment, miscarriage, ERPC and ovarian cysts.

He was obviously impressed by my level of accuracy because he asked me whether I was in the medical profession. No mate, I’ve just been through a lot this past 5 years, so there isn’t much about my body I don’t know.

Anyway, he eventually referred me to the A&E department for blood tests and to have them send off the tissue for analysis, but he thought it to be placental tissue, and felt the most likely cause to be that I got pregnant whilst on the pill to treat my ovarian cysts, and had miscarried.

He sent me out to the waiting room thoroughly confused and even more distressed at the thought that after 6 years trying to get pregnant I should unknowingly get pregnant whilst on contraception and miscarry no doubt because I was still taking the pill. Now that I couldn’t handle.

After a few hours wait, the blood tests and urine dip results were in and proved that I had not been pregnant. So this tissue was not miscarriage related. Thank god for that.

But we were none the wiser, and would apparently have to wait for about a week to get the results from histology to prove the nature of the tissue.

It wasn’t until the following day, after my mum had been trawling google for ideas that she sent me the answer. I had expelled a decidual cast. A harmless, but quite horrendous result of the womb shedding it’s entire lining in one massive piece, and likely caused by my going on the pill without a break for 3 months.

So back to day 3, and after a scan at the clinic to examine the state of my womb lining, I have, despite the drama been given the go ahead to start my Gonal F injections with another scan on Friday (day 5 of injections) to track progress. For now I am excited and relieved.

6 Responses to “My IVF Diary 2 – Starting over”

  1. Lina Loves September 18, 2013 at 1:58 pm #

    What a great and interesting post. I really hope this round of IVF is successful for you.

    I found your blog after you responded to my Twitter shout out! I have nominated you for a Liebster award! The rules can be found on my blog at Have a great day and keep blogging!

    • ferreroroche123 September 18, 2013 at 7:09 pm #

      Many thanks! I’m glad you liked my post and thanks for the nomination. I will reply to it as soon as I get some time to write a post!

  2. Jaime Oliver September 22, 2013 at 8:08 pm #

    WOW what an emotional rollercoaster you are on right now, I am sending all the best wishes in the world that you are successful.

    Thank you for sharing this very emotional story with #PoCoLo xx

    • ferreroroche123 September 22, 2013 at 8:29 pm #

      Thanks for your wishes. Unfortunately, this is a look back at my failed cycle in July/August so no luck this time, but hopefully one day I will be successful.

      • Jaime Oliver September 22, 2013 at 8:33 pm #

        awww honey I am so sorry i thought it was a post from this week. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you xx

      • ferreroroche123 September 22, 2013 at 8:51 pm #

        I wrote it this week, but is looking back. Always find it easier than publishing whilst the treatment is ongoing. But your wishes are appreciated.

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