IVF Diary Part 4 – Embryo Transfer

8 May

Part 4 of my retrospective diary of IVF treatment.

Day 17: Doxycycline and progesterone.

This is it. Transfer day.

Tossed and turned all night with nerves. Nerves they would cancel it because of my ovaries, nerves they won’t have any blastocysts to transfer. God this is unbearable. Even worse. If this goes well, I start the dreaded 2 week wait, although I think it’s actually about 11 days because some of that time they have been in the lab. I’ll find out later. Ultimately, the mental torture really kicks in here. Once transfer is complete, I have nothing but my thoughts and the bum bullets to fill my days until test time.

I arrive at the hospital with hubby at 9.15am. We are ushered into the waiting room where I see another couple from my egg collection day. Said hello, but they didn’t seem up for talking. Started drinking my water to fill my bladder ready for the procedure. 10 minutes later, the embryologist asks us and another 3 couples to the upstairs waiting room. They call the first couple in to discuss their embryos and to explain the procedure. I strike up a conversation with the woman next to me to settle the nerves. It turns out she has a one year old daughter from her first ivf and is now having a frozen embryo transfer of the 1 remaining egg. If it works, she will have twins 2 years apart.

The first couple come back from their briefing. The woman looks upset. But they are soon called into a cubicle to prepare, so I guess they must have something to transfer. The lady next to me is called in, then the next couple…. Great, I’m last. The suspense is killing me. What if they are leaving us last so they can send us home empty handed without passing any of the others?

Finally they call us in. The embryologist confirms that on day 3 it was unclear which of the 6 embryos were the best, but as of this morning (day 5) there is one embryo that is clearly better than the others. It has reached blastocyst stage and looks good. There is one other embryo which is slightly behind it, and will hopefully become a blastocyst soon, and a couple more that are just behind that. They ask if we want 1 or 2 transferring…. We opt for just the 1. I do not want twins, and would rather keep any spare for freezing. She said that they would observe the others overnight, and call tomorrow with news of which are suitable for freezing.

Shortly after we are called into the cubicle to get changed for theatre. By now my bladder is bulging. I’m busting for the loo, but know I have to hold it so they can get a good position for transfer. All 3 other couples go into theatre while we wait. Eventually, when I can take it no more, we are called in. I run to theatre before I pee myself and jump on the bed. The embryologist asks me to confirm mine and Ben’s details, then the nurse asks me to lie back on the bed and put my legs in the stirrups. She scans my bladder to check it is full and confirms it is…. I know, I know! Then the consultant begins the procedure. He shines a spotlight between my legs. Romantic. Then he inserts a speculum, a la smear test.

The nurse pushes down on my tummy with the ultrasound to get a clear view. The consultant opens the speculum, the pressure of that pushing against the ultrasound is almost unbearable and I grip hubby’s hand for courage. Then he inserts a big tube type thing and asks the embryologist to bring my embryo quick. She arrives with a long thin tube which he inserts, and as the embryo and accompanying fluid goes in I see a flash of white on the screen. He removes the tube and the embryologist checks it under a microscope to ensure that the embryo has gone. The speculum is removed, the embryologist hands me a photo of my embryo under the microscope and I am wheeled back to my cubicle on my bed to lie for 10 minutes. 10 mins later, the nurse tells me I can go. I get up, get dressed and sprint to the loo. I have the longest, most strained pee ever, scared the whole time that somehow my little embie will fall out mid flow. Ridiculous I know, but can’t be just me who thinks that as I am soon handed an FAQ sheet with that as the top question.

Now I am at home resting and am PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise). Test day is in 11 days.



Precious picture of my baby in the making

One Response to “IVF Diary Part 4 – Embryo Transfer”

  1. Kay C May 9, 2013 at 9:11 am #

    Amazing reading through the process you have to go through, you just don’t realise what is involved, and what a waiting game it is! xxx

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