A moment to smile

30 Apr

So unless you have been under a rock these past few weeks, you’ll know that there hasn’t been a whole heap of cheer in this house for a long time.

But this weekend it was my hubby’s birthday, and since I couldn’t give him the present I so desperately wanted to, I did the next best thing I could think of and gave him the day off. Well not just any day off, a day of luxury with moi (you don’t think I’d let him go with someone else do you?), in a 5* London hotel, being treated like royalty.

Can I afford it? Hell no. But who cares right now. Me and the man are in serious need of some TLC time together right now.

And so, I guilt tripped grandma into taking the boy for a whole day, promised him an old macdonald’s and as much time on my “puter” as he could bear, and packed our case for the great escape.

We arrived at the Corinthia Hotel and from the moment we checked in I knew this was going to be something special.

The receptionist personally greeted us and confirmed our complimentary room upgrade, then insisted that the Sales and Marketing Director came to show us to our room. Eh?

Seriously worried they think I am someone important.

Fortunately she was away from her desk and my hubby and I were able to slope off to our room like the humble peasants we really are.

When we arrived in the room the receptionist gave us a tour of our bedroom, bathroom with tv (ooooooohhhhh), and walk in wardrobe (ahhhhhhh). She also informed us that they had arranged a “few things for the other half’s birthday and would deliver them to the room that evening”. Oh yay! They’d sorted the cake I requested. Well remembered.

Being the generous wifey that I am, I ushered the lady out and immediately took hubby down to the lobby lounge for a top lunch so that he could muster the strength to accompany me for an afternoon of shopping in Regent Street. I’m all heart. But man I was planning to do some damage to my credit card.

Once in Mango, Ben admitted defeat and hot footed it to Hamleys, leaving me some alone time with a whole season of unseen stock. Having my body subjected to fertility treatment and pregnancy for the first 5 months of this year, means I haven’t dared enter a clothes shop for 6 months. I mean what do I buy exactly? What hides discomfort and bloating other than leggings? So now I owe me a little retail therapy while I’m thin right?

All shopped out, we get a cab back to the hotel (walking with my shoes and THOSE shopping bags is not an option) and head to the hotel bar. Ben was on the sauce by 5pm, but after torturing myself with the cocktail menu (the daiquiri was calling) I begrudgingly ordered a mocktail. Bloody antibiotics.

4 drinks down we return to the room to tart up for dinner. Step 1, MONSTER bubble bath in front of the tv…. and with Britain’s Got Talent just starting I prepare to settle down up to my neck for the full hour while hubby got comfy in the bedroom watching NCIS on the 50 inch flat screen.

While this tv feast took place, the concierge came in to deliver Ben’s birthday cake,
accompanied by a complimentary bottle of expensive champagne! Damn those antibiotics. Seriously. Give me a break. I saw Ben’s eyes water at the thought of having to drink the whole bottle himself so I generously suggested we take the bad boy home in the case with us.

After a quite orgasmic hour in the bath, stage 2 primping began. The hair was blow dried, the make up was applied and I squeezed myself into a new dress and impossibly high heels. For the first time this year I resembled something like my old self. Sad in so many ways. But no point dwelling. Today is about celebration.

We tottered down to dinner and consumed more food and drink than we could feasibly manage. By the end of the day Ben had consumed 4 steaks in various forms and was looking distinctly uncomfortable. Maybe we’ll leave the cake until breakfast.

We returned to our room set for our first night of child free sleep in 3 years. The bed was huge and soft and coocoony and I dived under the cover wrapping up like a hibernating hamster. Ben lay spread eagled unable to move and with that “Don’t f***ing touch me, I may explode” look in his eyes. No matter, I’m going to cram in the sleep. Sadly my antibiotics seem to be laced with speed, so for a 4th consecutive night and despite the best efforts of the luscious bed, I tossed and turned all night long.

The following morning we lounged in bed until mid morning just for the hell of it, then crawled down to the restaurant for a truly 5* buffet breakfast. Still creaking at his seams (well love handles), Ben refrained from diving head first into the cooked breakfast, choosing instead just a small selection of every hot and cold item they had to offer. I devoured the fruit and pastries and the mouth watering freshly squeezed orange juice. Like nectar.

Feeling the need for a final splurge before heading home we sped to Harrods in search of gifts for the baby sitter and the boy. After an hour in the toy department, I finally dragged Ben away from the Scaletrix and agreed on some model fire engines and a Harrods bear for the boy. Grandma got some luxury biscuits and I nabbed some new make up from Space NK. I need it honest…. it makes the leggings look better.

Then we returned to the hotel, begrudgingly ate the birthday cake (it was a strain), and returned home to life with the boy.

So whilst this wasn’t the birthday we had planned, we did our best to raise a smile and remember how lucky we are, and I can’t thank the hotel enough for their hospitality.

Finally, when Mammasaurus went to London, she posted some pretty spectacular pictures. I’m no photographer, so here’s my offering!


Chandelier in the lobby lounge


Having a mocktail


Birthday spread compliments of the hotel


£1 million of Chateau D’yquem wine… My dad is planning his lottery win as we speak


2 Responses to “A moment to smile”

  1. Mammasaurus April 30, 2013 at 4:19 pm #

    Oh my oh my what a lovely treat – and child free too – bliss!

    That chandelier looks awesome as do you with your mocktail – brilliant x

    • ferreroroche123 April 30, 2013 at 4:30 pm #

      Many thanks – but I can’t quite rival your beautiful scenic shots!

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