IVF Diary Part 3 – Growing the Embryos

25 Apr

Part three of my retrospective diary of fertility treatment:

Day 13: Doxycycline tablets and progesterone suppositories. Today I had my day 1 update from the embryologist. She called at 8.40am today with a report on how my eggs are doing.

Of the 10 eggs collected, 9 were suitable for ICSI (injecting with hubby’s most beautiful wrigglers). Of those 9, all 9 have fertilised this morning! This is an excellent result so far. 100% fertilisation is the best we could ever have hoped for and exceeds the normal expectation. At this stage we don’t know the quality of these fertilised embryos, they all look the same. We will only know this in two days time when they have started to divide.

So now we wait. And hold our breath until Friday morning when we will get the next update on how many of the little blighters are hanging on. If there are just a few, we will have an egg transfer that day. If there are still several we will have blastocyst transfer on Sunday. Right now I feel like I have 9 little babies growing. All special to me. I am willing them to hang on. Hurry up Friday.

Day 14: Doxycycline tablets and progesterone suppositories. A quiet day today. No call from the embryologist, today my little eggs are just cooking in their juice in peace. Hang on little fellas.

I went into the office for a bit of hustle and bustle to distract the mind. Lots of meetings, and a crisis with my laptop meant the day largely sped by. Today is also valentines day. Big bunch of roses from hubby, and massive m&s dinner. Let’s hope I can give him the best valentines present ever in a few weeks time.

Day 15: Doxycycline tablets and progesterone suppositories. Awoke early at about 6am, heart racing at the thought that I would get a call from the embryologist soon. She called at 8.30am, right on time with the good news that 6 of my 9 embryos were dividing well still and looked good quality. Therefore, they are going to take them to day 5 blastocyst transfer in the hope that some of these 6 would make it to blastocyst stage.

I am to be at the hospital at 9.30am on Sunday with a full bladder for transfer. Now just crossing everything that they have a good blastocyst to transfer. Hang in there little fighters!

The happy news was fairly swiftly ruined when I took my doxycycline as normal at about 9am. 2 mins later I felt a huge wave of nausea and ran to the toilet where I threw up just about everything I had eaten in the last fortnight. Haven’t been that violently sick in years. I wouldn’t mind, but I’m not even pregnant! Then after a mild case diarrhea that morning, the afternoon brought even more diarrhea.

I spent the afternoon paranoid that my progesterone had come out and couldn’t wait to put the evening dose in. Decided to make a concerted effort to eat plenty of dinner with the evening dose of doxycycline and drink masses of water in the hope that it would stay down. Tomorrow is the weekend and I’m hoping to distract myself with the little fella…. Must keep busy.

Day 16: Spent much of the day laid up feeling nauseous and with a little diarrhoea. Also feeling a little discomfort in my ovaries…. I think they are enlarging. I phoned the hospital who, after 6 hours, phoned back to say the nausea and diarrhoea is a side effect of doxycycline, but they weren’t bothered. Her best advice was to put the progesterone suppository in the front end instead to ensure the diarrhoea didn’t affect absorption. I also mentioned that my ovaries were a bit uncomfortable and I was worried about Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome but she just said “see you tomorrow for transfer”. Helpful. Shame no one else at that place is as good as my consultant.


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