IVF Journey Part 2 – Collecting the eggs

16 Apr

Part 2 of my retrospective diary of fertility treatment:

Day 12: egg retrieval. 

Woke at 3am, mind spinning. Not supposed to be up until 6am but I just can’t switch off. Feeling anxious as hell about everything. About what they will find, whether it will hurt, whether my consultant will make it, whether the sedative will work….but mostly whether there will be any eggs. 

We arrive at the hospital at 7.10am on the dot and are the first called in by the nurse. She takes my blood pressure and heart rate and goes through our consent forms. Then she makes sure I have taken all my meds on time and have not eaten or drunk recently. Once this is done, she takes hubby off to make his contribution….. such a hard job, he’d better not enjoy it too much. 

Whilst hubby is away, the anaesthetist comes round to explain about the sedative and painkillers. She inserts a canular in my hand ready for theatre and the nurse hands me two paracetamol suppositories to insert before the doctor comes round. Two! Not natural! I’m also instructed to empty my bladder for the last time. 

When I get back to the cubicle, the doctor comes to explain the egg collection procedure including all the things that can go wrong and asks me to sign my consent to this. Do I have a choice? He then informs me that my consultant has specified that she will be performing the egg collection but that she is in a meeting and may arrive a little late. So we wait, and wait and wait. 

45 mins later and we’re 15 mins late for theatre. I’m starting to panic now…. This procedure is abit time critical…. If you don’t retrieve on time, the eggs will be released naturally and they won’t be able to retrieve them. There’s also a queue of other patients waiting and I’m feeling guilty for holding them up. The male doctor suggests he makes a start on me whilst we are waiting for my consultant. I’m only too happy to oblige, I’m wracked with nerves and can’t wait for the procedure to start. 

Unfortunately, a locksmith has now arrived to fix the lock on the theatre door. Come on! Hoorah, the locksmith is done and my consultant has just made it. We are off!. I walk into theatre, and sit on the bed while the anaethetist’s assistant unties the back of my gown. I lie back and whilst the embryologist asks me to confirm mine and hubby’s details, the anaesthetist is already siphoning painkillers and sedative into my canula.

After that I remember nothing. No countdown, no voices, nothing. Out like a light until I wake up in recovery with my husband. I’m feeling sleepy, relaxed and finally at ease. Maybe it’s the sedative, but I feel a wave of relief that this first part is over.

My consultant comes round and reveals that they got 10 eggs. The same as last time. Not the biggest haul, but more than I was expecting after Sunday’s scan, so all is not lost….. and at least they found something in there. I spend the next two hours in a foggy haze of tea drinking and dozing. Once I’ve done my obligatory pee, I am released home to start on the antibiotics and progesterone suppositories, and to wait for a call from the embryologist tomorrow with news of how many eggs have fertilised.


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