Losing the dummy

12 Apr

Earlier in my blog, I wrote about my dreaded dummy dilemma, which has been nagging at me for some time.

Well, not long after, the time came to throw caution to the wind, and the dummies in the bin. Seize the moment, strike while the iron’s hot, or just grow some balls eh?

So I did. A little over 2 weeks ago.

And here’s what happened.

One Sunday morning my little sucker awoke and wandered out of his bedroom, dummy in mouth, to find me sitting on the loo. Yeah, odd moment I know, but I do a lot of useful thinking in the bathroom, and the kid affords me no privacy. So go with it.

Me: Oscar, put your dummy back in your bedroom, you know you can only have it in bed

Oscar: ok.

(promptly hot foots it back to the bedroom and comes back with two other “back up” dummies in hand, and places the spare dummies on the window sill in the hall)

Oscar: Mummy, I’m going to leave these two for the pillow fairy because I’m a big boy.

Me: Well you know Oscar, we’ve talked about this before. Big boys don’t have any dummies to sleep with, so you should give the pillow fairy all of your dummies and then she can give them to some babies who need them. Wouldn’t that be good? And then, in return for being such a kind big boy, she may leave you a present.

Oscar: yeah mummy, that would be a good idea.

Me: (leaping off the toilet – see, seize the moment, however inconvenient) OK Oscar, let’s do it. Let’s go get a little bag for your dummies.

Oscar: Daddy, daddy! (who is still vegetating in bed half asleep), I’m going to put my diddies in a bag for the pillow fairy and she is going to give them to some little babies so they don’t cry. And then she might leave me a Lego police station!

(Lego police station…. GULP)

So downstairs we both ran, grabbing a rather uninspiring Tescos bag from the kitchen cupboard (yes, yes I know… not very befitting of a fairy, but I’m striking while the iron’s hot here… no time to be creative). He placed the dummies in the bag and I tied it up tight so he couldn’t open it in a moment of weakness later, and we hung it on the back door ready for the pillow fairy that night.

Off we trotted for the rest of the day, without a second glance.

That evening, as bedtime approached, daddy was feeling sceptical, but I was determined.

“He’s never gonna follow through with this when he realises”, daddy warned.

“Give him a chance” I urged.

And you know what? Oscar positively skipped into bed and fell asleep without his precious diddies and not a whisper or a whimper was heard until morning.

When that yellow sun arose on his clock the following day, he was sulking by the gate, all pouty lipped. Uh oh.

“Mummy, last night you gave my diddies to the pillow fairy and now I won’t sleep ANY…MORE”.

“Ah but Oscar, what has the pillow fairy left you in exchange? Shall we go see?” (well distracted mummy)

Suddenly his mood lightened, the pout retreated and a rather excited boy clambered out of his room to the letterbox.

“Look MUMMY! The pillow fairy left me some post!”

He scooped up his pink handwritten note sporting an impressive gold star, and accompanied with his favourite ‘Oatie Bar’ (bless those tasty Organix snacks)

I read the note to him, which went something like this: “thank you for your dummies, I’ve taken them for some needy babies, the Lego shop was closed, but I promise to get it for you later”.

OK, so I’m paraphrasing, the pillow fairy was a little more gentle and encouraging with her language than that, but you get the gist.

The boy was ecstatic, forgetting all of his earlier whinge, and marched off to his childminders, letter and treat in hand.

In the meantime, I dutifully visited Toys R Us to help the pillow fairy in her quest for a police station.


80 f***ing Quid!

Geez, diddies are a valuable currency. But promises are promises. So buy it I did, along with a lego bin lorry, wrapping paper and “fairy dust” from Hobbycraft no less. The fairy is thorough.

The day at the childminders was smooth as a baby’s bum, he had his afternoon nap without his diddy, clutching a teddy instead, and when he arrived home he seized upon the wrapped gift from our fairy godmother, and all was well with the world.

Easy I hear you say.

Well yes, until bedtime.

Novelty worn off, and gifts received, suddenly those diddies sounded appealing once more.

And that was it. For the next week, every bedtime would induce a request for his dummies, followed by a refusal to lie down in bed.

On each occasion we were reassuring, but swift and insistent, exiting the bedroom before a stand off ensued. And after a week, those bedtime requests stopped. Now c.3 weeks in to the dummy withdrawal programme, it is forgotten. There are no requests, and stand offs are rare.

The only draw back? It has revealed Oscar’s real sleep habits and needs, which sadly are less accommodating of mummy and daddy. It appears that Oscar doesn’t need a day time nap really, and rarely does a morning occur where he will stay in bed past 6.30am. 7.30am lie ins are a thing of the past,weekends are longer and more exhausting. But I guess we were always spoiling ourselves somewhat with that dummy.

So finally, another milestone towards big boydom has been reached. Now for that bloody bottle.



2 Responses to “Losing the dummy”

  1. mostlypurple April 12, 2013 at 6:04 pm #

    I have to admit I laughed out loud – been there, done that 🙂 When my son was little we had a similar moment when he decided one morning he was going to throw his dummies out. We marched to the bin straight away.. and then he sat the whole day staring into space – it was like withdrawal symptoms! His dad felt so sorry for him that he went out and bought a new dummy – but Ben stayed adamant and determined – he never touched it again.
    Very well written!

    • ferreroroche123 April 12, 2013 at 6:15 pm #

      Many thanks. Glad you enjoyed! Why is it the husbands that wuss out so easily?

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