My IVF Journey Part 1 – growing the eggs

9 Apr

This is the first part of my IVF diary. This post, along with all my future accounts are honest and frank so as to be as reflective of my experience as possible. I understand that this topic might not be for everyone, especially men perhaps, and understand should you wish not to read it.

Background (context)
Trying to conceive since 2006

Tests revealed I had endometriosis, but this is not believed to be cause of my fertility problems. No other causes found apart from possible poor fertilisation rate between egg and sperm.

Ivf cycle 1: October 2008. Baby boy Oscar born 10/8/2009
Ivf cycle 2: February 2013.

1st February 2013. Day 1 (commenced on day 2 of my cycle). After January cycle was cancelled due to my flu bug, February didn’t start much better as I was laid up with another fever inducing virus. But, refusing to delay for another month, hubby injected me with 225iu of gonal f follicle stimulating hormone at 7am to start hyper stimulating my ovaries. Within an hour I feel things sort of bubbling and twinging inside my pelvis so I know there is something going on. Didn’t expect to notice something so soon.

Day 2, gonal f injection at 7 am. Again things starting to twinge and ache. Also starting to feel nauseous.

Day 3 gonal f injection at 7 am. Stepped up a gear today. Awoke at 6am feeling really sick. Proper spew if you move stuff. Also ovaries now positively hurting from the strain. First scan in two days….. I hope it doesn’t get too much worse before then, I’m going to burst. Can’t bear the thought of anyone or anything touching my tummy. Half expecting to see two golf balls poking out of my stomach when I look down. Please let the pain be worth it.

Day 4 gonal f injection at 7am. Woke up wanting to puke again, but ovaries feeling much quieter today. Looking forward to tomorrow… Starting the second injection to stop premature ovulation (this makes me feel better….. a) because it’s one step further through the process and b) because with all this twinging and straining I’m starting to panic that they may explode too soon.) Also I have my scan tomorrow. Yikes. Excited to see what’s going on in there, but also completely fearing the worst (that nothing is going on in there… or it’s all gone on so quick it’s too late).

Day 5 gonal f and orgalutran (antagonist) injection at 7am. Woke up at 5am feeling sick to the stomach. Mind racing, fearing the new injection but also wanting it, and excited but scared about the scan. Gonal f HURT…. Ow! I think my hubby hit a muscle or something as now have dead leg. Orgalutran didn’go in first time, needle not very fine, but second time was painless. Rushed to hospital for internal scan. Stuck in traffic. Late. Consultant I’ve never met found right ovary…. there were a couple of measurable follicles (fluid filled holes in your ovaries that the eggs grow in), then searched hard for the left. Once found, it was much bigger. Lots of “stuff” going on, again, a few more measurable follicles. He plotted them on a chart. Apparently the leading follie is 12mm and the others all smaller, but it’s early days. Back for another scan on Friday. He said something to me at the end of the appt that threw me: “we have a results meeting with all the consultants at the end of the day. If we want to make any changes to your plan we’ll let you know by phone”. I panicked… Why would he want to change anything? What’s wrong? Is it not working? Please don’t make the dose higher! I feel rough already.

Day 6: gonal f and orgalutran injections at 7am. Up all night, terrible night’s sleep. Mind working overtime, just couldn’t switch off. Feeling tired and emotional by morning. Injections hurt like hell today, and left me with a dead leg all day. Went into the office for the first time since starting treatment and spent the whole day wishing I was back home. Appetite completely gone, spent the day picking at scraps of anything I could stomach.

Day 7: gonal f and orgalutran injections at 7am. Slept like a baby last night, so feeling much better this morning. The injections went in like a dream this morning, but now have two dead legs. Went into the office again and tried to distract myself. Was falling asleep by 11am and the rest of the day dragged. Scan again tomorrow. Hoping to see some progress with my follicles.

Day 8: gonal f and orgalutran injections at 7am. Bad nights sleep again. Probably nerves about the scan. Internal scan results were ok. They can now see follicles getting bigger on both sides, what I would be expecting. However, the consultant made a flippant comment: “most of your follicles are in your left ovary but it’s quite high up so we probably won’t collect any eggs from that one”. I felt panicked. I pushed her afterwards to explain whether they would attempt to reach it, and she said, “oh yes, we will always attempt to collect from both, and we will do some manipulation when you are sedated but I have to tell you the possibility that we won’t”. Now not sure how likely it is, but feel nervous and not happy with her negative tone. Also had a blood test. Now waiting for a call this afternoon to confirm whether I need a scan this weekend. When I got home I emailed my own consultant to express my concern. She replied saying that she had reviewed my scan which looked ok, and that I would have a scan on Sunday with an experienced egg collector to reassure me. She also said she would try to do my egg collection. Good, anyone but that awful woman at the scan.

Day 9: gonal f and orgalutran injections. Fell asleep before dinner last night, so tired. Woke up early this morning. Injections at 7am again. Then felt exhausted and just wanted to sleep all morning. Starting to feel bloated and uncomfortable now, ovaries feeling like they are going to burst. Praying they will collect plenty of eggs and this isn’t all for nothing. Scan tomorrow morning.

Day 10: gonal f and orgalutran injections. Late night ovitrelle (lutenising hormone) injection. Woke up feeling hugely nauseous. Diarrhoea for 3rd day. Had my two injections and headed off to the third internal scan. Good and bad. The good: Both ovaries were visible and growing follicles. The bad: Two follies are growing much faster than the rest. The consultant isn’t sure whether to trigger me tonight for egg collection on Tuesday and risk the smaller eggs being immature, or wait until tomorrow and risk losing the biggest eggs. Either way I’m going to lose some, so not expecting more than about 5 or 6 eggs now, which is disappointing. Feeling bloated and in pain most of the day, really tired. Call at 3pm. They want me to trigger with the ovitrelle injection (the hormone that matures the eggs and tells my body to release them) at 8.30pm tonight with egg collection at 8.30am on Tuesday morning. This is it. I suppose at least my injections will be over tomorrow.

Day 11: the waiting game. No injections today. Egg retrieval tomorrow morning. To satisfy my over active mind, I spent the day imagining that I might ovulate before my egg retrieval, and googled it to see whether anyone had experienced it. Seems the chances of it occurring are slim, but the number of ivf patients worrying about it is pretty wide spread. Got to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to get to the hospital on time as the egg collection must be done at 8.30am without delay to avoid disaster. Not expecting much sleep tonight.

8 Responses to “My IVF Journey Part 1 – growing the eggs”

  1. keladelaide April 10, 2013 at 7:32 am #

    All the very best of luck, if luck is any help.

    • ferreroroche123 April 10, 2013 at 7:57 am #

      Unfortunately this ivf diary charts the journey leading to the loss of my baby, so may need more than luck. But thanks anyway.

      • keladelaide April 10, 2013 at 11:08 am #

        My sincere apologies. I may have been interrupted part way through reading. Will go back and read again. Apologies, once again.

      • ferreroroche123 April 10, 2013 at 12:27 pm #

        No worries. Is covered under the “Announcement” post. It’s a retrospective diary. Thanks for reading.

  2. Alexandra mclellan December 7, 2017 at 12:58 pm #

    Can I ask how you got on?

    • ferreroroche123 December 7, 2017 at 1:27 pm #

      I fell pregnant and miscarried this baby, which is documented if you are able to read on to my future posts. However two cycles later I fell pregnant again and carried a baby boy to term. He is now 3 years old, and I also have an 8 week old miracle baby girl who was conceived totally naturally and very unexpectedly. So we now have 3 children. IVF and nature really blessed us.

  3. Rizu July 17, 2018 at 6:12 pm #

    Omg, it is like I am telling my own story,,, right now I am on same page, this is my day 9 of injection and there will be scan on day 11,,, praying that my follicle will be Large enough to ovulate. Suffering from throbbing pain it is like my ovaries are gonna burst,, but after reading this getting some good vibes,,,

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